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Support Groups, Mentorship, Business Consulting, & Nonprofit Wellness Education Initiatives

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Sanctuary Circles are FREE Support Groups that offer relatable communication  

among peers (in affiliation with

We call this time, "Sanctuary Hour"


** Sanctuary Circles are not "Group Therapy Sessions," are not "Free Coaching" and DO NOT replace one-on-one therapy or counseling sessions


Topics in the Sanctuary Circle include (but are not limited to):

  • Reforming Codependency

  • Creating Change in Difficult Relationships (family, friendship, couples, work, & self love)

  • Spiritual Growth & Development

  • Freedom from Racial Trauma

  • Survivors of Trauma, Domestic Violence & Emotional Abuse

  • Fertility & Pregnancy Over 40

  • Anxiety, Panic & PTSD

Groups are lead 1x per month.

Sign up and Join a Sanctuary Circle! 

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The Journey Institute of Wellness,

established in 2011, Is the 501c3 nonprofit arm of The Wellness Sanctuary. Here, we advocate for the underserved, women's health and community wellness education.
Current initiatives:

"Hey Lovely® Global" This is the international version of our Hey Lovely® Mentorship Program. A portion of each paid membership will go toward offering mentorship to our Lovely Mentees in African countries.

"Sanctuary Babies" Offering low cost prenatal massage, postpartum support and wellness consultations for expecting and new mothers. This project supports Maternal and Women's Health. Coming Soon

Life's Journey "ReBirthday Card" Fundraiser: Online or printed birthday cards for survivors. Share the day you were revived and won. This fundraiser benefits the "Sanctuary Baby" project.

"Meditation Meets Life" A free Christian prayer, mediation and worship event that focuses on the spiritual laws of God through biblical scripture. In partnership with The Atlanta Beltline


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The Hey Lovely® Mentorship Program

was designed to mentor youth aged 13-24 and young adults aged 25-34 in social- emotional learning, entrepreneurship, and with technical skills training. At Hey Lovely® we are committed to support our Lovely Mentees to become the generation of healthy, thriving future leaders that the world needs to know about.

Hey Lovely® was initially started in 2011 for survivors of domestic abuse. By adding mentoring, we can support families to thrive and build vibrant, wholesome legacies.   
Check out our website and sign up to Become a Lovely Mentee or Mentor.  

Online Course

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Creatively Successful® Consulting

Seeking business advice, trademark help or need someone to help you create or go over your contract, policies and procedures? Check out the Creatively Successful® Consulting Firm.

Since 2011, Creatively Successful® has assisted several companies with marketing, branding, business advice and growth strategies. Invest in good results from a top business expert.

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